Family Is...

It is interesting to see things come full-circle in life, isn’t it?

It has been 3 and a half years since we were new foster parents with a precious baby girl in our home. Her presence in our family started God’s work on our hearts and, I dare say, moved our steps ultimately in the direction of Honduras.

Much of my writing during our fostering experience centered on the biological parents of the little ones we cared for. I felt the full range of emotions about these people… hate, disgust, pity, sympathy and, ultimately, understanding and peace. Alex and I came to a place where we absolutely believe that the first best place for a child is with his or her biological family. When that family is unable (because of abuse, addiction, etc.) or unwilling to care for the child, then outside help or adoption should be considered. Poverty alone is not a reason to remove a child from his/her family. It never should be grounds for such.

A few weeks ago, we really saw this whole idea come back around. Our conclusion was tested.

We met sweet B on our first trip to the House of Hope. She was a ray of light for me, a little face that appeared in my dreams and drew me back to Puerto Lempira. In March, there were more people around and I didn’t get to spend as much time with her as I had hoped. I was eager to get back here to see her and see what she thought about my 2 boys who were just her size.

She was just as sweet and beautiful as I remembered. Her time between my visits was spent loving on volunteers and hanging out with her partner in crime, Rodrigo. And then, that Monday came.

Surprise. B has grandparents who want to take her back to their village. She has been staying here for over a year, but they are ready now to take her. Ouch.

The rubber meets the road once more. Is it better for this child to live in an institution where she receives 3 great meals a day, has nice donated clothes from the US, has a clean bed to sleep in and has an opportunity to learn some English OR is it better for this child to live in a small wood one-room home in a village without running water with her FAMILY?

God places children in FAMILIES… He places the fatherless in FAMILIES. This child is not fatherless; she has a FAMILY.

Would I take her as my own? Absolutely. And yet, she has a family.  Praise God!   And my hands are free to hug the next one.  Praise God!


Lauren said…

Is she gone for good? We were under the impression that she would be back in 5-6 weeks.

Anonymous said…
just a late note, mayonnaise on the scalp and hair w/shower cap will get rid of head lice. Part hair down middle of scalp. Plaster it on thick. Leave on over night. Wash in am. Repeat for 2 to 3 days.
Deb in Denver
Anonymous said…
I'll be praying for you. I too was a foster mom for many a new-born child. I kept them until adoption or they went back to the mom. It usually was a 2 year period. It is heart wrenching. Hopefully you can visit this little one in her home and bring the good news of Jesus with food and clothing as well.
Deb in Denver
Holly (me.) said…
Oh. Is she gone? How is Rodrigo without his little (accomplice!) friend? I must admit to hoping Lauren is correct that B will be back so her needs are consistently met, but then again... her very own family. I'm not even there, and I feel conflicted.

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