A Week

Is it true?  Can it be that we've only been in Puerto Lempira one week?   We do not have a 'house' yet, but are guests of one of the most awesome 'houses' in the area - the House of Hope!   It feels a lot like camping in 3 small cabins, but we are enjoying ourselves.

Here are a few highlights of the week:


  • Loooong walk to church + 20 children from House of Hope + 4 gringo children = 2 carried gringo children and 2 tired adults.  Yikes, it is Sunday again tomorrow!
  •  Hurricane Matthew loomed on the horizon on Friday, but was downgraded to a Tropical Storm and hit south of us.    Adventure is everywhere.
  •  Discovery of a child who is with child
  • Threat of malaria in a malnourished child - Alex's first hospital visit as a helper to a patient
  • 4 new kittens who needed to a new Mommy - and found one :) in my daughter and her friend.
  •  English classes - 4 days worth... this next week we start classes at Mama Tara's
  • Paid mucho dinero for fruit and peanut butter (oh and $4 teeny bottle of syrup) this week.  This part is gonna be tough!
  •  Discovery of a working widow with 9 children who eat only one meal per day - rice.   You and I, friends, we may be the only 'church' this Mom ever sees.  May she see Christ as we pray about how to fulfill the Biblical mandate to care for both orphans and widows.
  • Welcoming 2 new children to House of Hope who quite possibly have never seen a gringo.  The little girl is so scared of me.  Bless their hearts, they did not even know what an indoor potty was.  They are part of a family with 8 kids, 2 of whom recently died and 2 others who are in the hospital.   The Daddy was so sad dropping them off.  I will rejoice when this family is reunited.

  • So much rain that none of our clothes have any possibility of drying ... this leads to dirty adults and dirty children. 
  • New friends for Arlee :)


Angela said…
Sounds like an awesome week. I am so interested in learning more about what your family does, and how you got started.
Love the photos. I can see everyone is adjusting and so happy!

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