Run For Cover... There's a Gringo in Our Barrio!

They must say it... I just know they do!  'Yikes, not one gringo... but 6 of them!'

For some folks, it is probably fun having gringos in the neighborhood;  for others, not so much.

I thought I'd share a few neighborhood items:

First... Gloria & Hugo's house. 

Up on top, there is a beautiful patio where we can play and read.  Several mornings, Gloria has brought coffee up and I've felt completely spoiled!    It is frustrating that I'm having the hardest time uploading photos...   I have a beautiful one of their front door with a Welcome sign in English... just for their 'touristas' as they call us.

Our neighborhood has a small sidewalk which many people try to walk along simultaneously.   However, the most unsettling road in town is the main road in La Ceiba.   This road reminds me a lot of New York City, without the sidewalks.   All of the cars, buses, motorcycles, mo-peds, pedestrians and bicyclists move in and out among one another.  It is CRAZY at rush hour times.  I've never seen anything quite like this.  People cut in front of one another constantly and there are horns honking "thank you" and "don't even think about it."    Almost every day there is an accident.   Pedestrians must walk along in the ditches or worse... and before we understood public transportation, Alex did this every afternoon.

We have been fortunate to have Gloria & Hugo take us to school every day, except today.  Their car finally needed a rest.    Gloria told me they needed new tires and you can tell by listening to the car that something major is wrong.   Honduras receives cars from the US that have been totaled.   It is interesting to see.  You can tell where the car has been wrecked.  People here simply do not care what the car looks like... a car is a major luxury item and costs about double what comparable cars cost in the US. 

Pulperias...  one of my favorite things about Honduras is the concept of a pulperia.   Simply stated, a pulperia is a small store run out of a home.   Actually, pulperias can be anywhere, but the ones we love best are off-shoots of a home.    There are no forms to fill out... you can just cut out a hole in a large sheet of plywood, attach it to your front door and set up shop.    Pulperias come in all sizes and shapes.  Each one has its own special feel.  Imagine if your family were to set up its own place, what would it look like, what items would you offer?

We have several pulperias within easy walking distance.  And today, a new pulperia opened up right by our school.   And they sell homemade pastellitos (more on food in a few days). 

Let's see... every day we go with Gloria to feed "Llorita" , a beautiful green parrot who says both 'Hola' and 'Hi'.  She is spoiled rotten.   Our kids love Llorita and are eager to build a cage for our very own pajarito.

More pics to post for you of Gloria & Hugo's barrio, but they must wait until I have wi-fi or the like.  Note... I added a picture of the church in the post below.

May your day be a delightful one!


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