Food, Glorious Food

Food is one of the most obvious differences between our life in the US and our life in Honduras.   Because we have lived with a Honduran family for the past almost 6 weeks, we have experienced Honduran food at its finest.

Here are some of the different fruits & juices we've tried:

  Jamaica (delicious)

Maracuya (delicious)

Noni Fruit (not so good)

Papaya smoothies, Mangoes, and lots of other fruit.

Vegetables... Surprised and sad to say that our family has not had many veggies of late.  I'm very thankful for the vitamins that a friend gave to us before we left.   No sickness, other than a few bouts with tummy stuff.   One veggie that we've tried and loved is called marsapan... I'm not sure how it is spelled and am having trouble finding it online. It is not the traditional marzipan candy;  it is something altogether different.

Main courses:

We've tried Chicharones con yucca - a traditional Honduran dish made with pork rinds and yucca (Alex and I loved it - the kids, not so much;    pastellitos (little fried pies with anything/everything in them) with chimol salsa (LOVE this.);  chimichurry on chicken and meat (delicious);    traditional rice & beans;  Honduran oatmeal (lots of milk and few oats);   etc.

Arlee and I learned how to make delicious flour tortillas. So excited to finally know how to do it... shhhh, the secret is in the lard.

Hugs to all of you.


Laurie said…
The secret is in the lard? That's going to be the secret to a lot of Honduras dishes. Careful. Enjoying seeing Honduras anew through your eyes.

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