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Sometimes it seems like it is easier for me to list things in random order than to actually write out a blog post on something. I feel like my thoughts are more fragmented in Honduras... I felt this same way when we visited in the past. It is as if I'm living so much that my living can't catch up with my thoughts and writing...

So, here goes:

  • Arlee is truly learning her Spanish in the immersion way. She works in the kitchen with Gloria. This is proving successful for her much more so than even her one-on-one tutor.
  • Church was so good.  I have much to say on this topic, but need hours and hours.  Suffice it to say that my brain understood about 40% of what was taught on Sunday morning.  By the evening service, which was 2 hours, I felt fried.  I sat there and soaked it all in anyway and enjoyed the praise music immensely.  I must find one of the songs.
  • We are eating very few preservatives.   Gloria buys her groceries daily at little stores in our neighborhood.  This is a whole new concept for me.   We are eating more fried food than usual... lots of yummy tortillas and every kind of juice you can think of.   Gloria is a wonderful cook AND bakes cakes as a business. (Thinking of Emily!)
  • Arlee & Adam walked hand-in-hand to the little store across the street today by themselves.  I stood at Gloria's gate and watched.  It was precious to see... Arlee was so proud of herself for collecting the money, ordering their drinks and corralling Adam.  So happy there is a bit of independence here in this gated world.
  • Speaking of gates... I often feel like an animal at the zoo when I sit on Gloria's front porch.   People pass by and stop and smile at the gate.   Of course, I'd love to converse a bit.  Maybe at some point.
  • Kissing cheeks is a very common greeting for men and women.   At church, 2 ladies kissed me and after my initial shock, I felt honored.
  • Adam had his very best day yet today!  I'm so happy and proud of him.
  • Culture shock has been minimal, Gracias a Dios.   Our challenges have been more of the language kind... and also the difficulty of 'family time' in a house with 10 or 11 people in 1,500 square feet.
  • Found out today that House of Hope needs clothing and monetary donations as soon as possible.  Wondering how best to get the word out and coordinate an effort to get those to Dr. Brian in Texas...  monetary donations to be used for medical travel expenses for children that come to the US for surgeries.  Let me know if you can help.
  • The icing on my cake right now is email I receive from friends with details about their world.  It delights me to know the specifics and feel connected.   And I'm especially aware that their time is limited and it is a privilege to be encouraged by them.
Guess that wraps it up for now.  Stay tuned for upcoming information about church and meeting with our attorney tomorrow about residency. 


Holly (me.) said…
"Fragmented" is just the right word to describe my own thoughts of late. Here's to the hope of perhaps one day pulling it all together again.
Sara said…
Dear Laura,
I love, love, love reading your blog! So many times I think, I remember seeing that, feeling that, thinking that! So many memories! I'm so glad you are able to share all of this on the blog. I continue to pray that things will go well for you and the family. May each day be full of blessings and a confirmation of your calling to be where you are right now!
Take care,
Denise said…
Love this! I would be curious to SEE a list of those juices. Yum!

I expecially love that the kids are getting to experience some freedom. The gated world my girls live in makes me sad too.

Who are all the extra people in the house?

Love you, Friend!

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