Sitting inside, with the smell of burning garbage seeping through the window... listening to my kids peacefully play Legos on a small bed while they sing "Hallelujah, to the Lord of Heaven and Earth!" and "Cantare de Tu Amor por siempre!" (I Could Sing of Your Love Forever). It is a rare moment; a moment of sheer God.

I read a sentence today about our tendency to hide our sin from others. The statement led me to continue down that path in my mind - we also hide our sin from ourselves. Obviously, we can't hide our sin from God. And yet, why do we try to make ourselves look more palatable? Does our deception do anything to further Christ's Kingdom? Absolutely not. And yet we continue.

May my sin be ever before me and may I never represent myself as "one who does not sin." It simply is a lie that began in a garden and continues in my heart today. Utterly dependent upon Grace. And praying that somehow I can show much Grace at the same time I gratefully receive it.


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