Me and My Questions

It is a truth about me that I love questions... I love to ask questions and I love being asked really good questions.  Maybe it comes with the law school training or maybe it is just a piece of the way God made me.   My good friends seem to find an appreciation (or a tolerance :)) of my inquisitiveness... and many of them have the same propensity.

How in the world do I take something I'm a natural at and use it in another language?   There are so many misunderstandings with my attempts at spanish.  Yesterday, I wanted to ask Gloria (our host) if she would like dollars to pay for her gas. (dolares) Instead, I asked her if she liked pain. (dolores)  Yes, I really did.  

I'm laughing now, but it was not funny at the time.  And I realized that the potential for deep friendship can only come for me when I can speak someone's heart language well.   I'm impatient with myself.    And yet, I realize, that this is a marathon, not a sprint... and I'm no spring chicken.


Holly (me.) said…
Oh, my. You and Amy are quite a pair. She's asking for the cashier's money and you're offering up pain. Again with the, "Oh, my."
Denise said…
Okay, so I literally choked on my bite of nectarine when I read this--so funny. Poor Gloria! I'm glad she had already had a few days to get to know you first.

I will certainly pray for you in this. I have absolutely no doubt that this very thing you are writing about--the fact that you are an amazing listener who is always interested in others-- is going to draw people to you, but I am now committed to pray for you that God will send you women who are patient and caring enough to wait out the "gringo spanish" to see the real Laura within.

Love you, friend!

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