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Last night, we did something distinctly 'North American.'   As an aside, I do not refer to ourselves as Americans any longer.  Hondurans consider themselves Americans (Central Americans) and it is off-putting when we refer to ourselves as Americans separately.  Technically, Canadians are also Americans as are all of those living in South America.   

To continue... we did something distinctly 'from the States.'  We took our kids to Pizza Hut and they played on the playground and indoor soccer field for hours.   We filled ourselves up with salad and pizza and headed to the mall.   That sounds like an evening we could've had in any state in the US. 

Our life here is good... we've found our rhythm.   We've decided to finish language school earlier than we had originally planned so that we can be in La Mosquitia earlier and start to get ourselves settled.   We've found a place to purchase our home goods and they will get them to the dock to be shipped for us.    Things are coming together.   Tuesday, we meet with our attorney to get the ball rolling on our residency.   It is good to have something on the calendar :).

We miss all of you so much...  we have such great memories of friendship and cannot wait to get together again and hear all that the Lord is showing you.  Truly, life with God is a grand adventure. Thank you for being a part of ours.


Glad y'all are finding your rhythm and feeling at home. It doesn't feel that you are really there, living there, but praise God that you are. We miss yall like crazy, but it warms my heart to know that you have stepped out of the box, and that we can still stay in touch through FB and blogging! (Oh, and I'm back to blogging, too!! :) hugs to you, friend!! I wore your pink dress to church a few weeks ago, and was reminded of you!
Ginn8888 said…
So glad you still have some reminders of the states and you can feel a little bit of your old home there.
I am one that I don't want to wait for something I know is going to happen, I just want to get there and get going. So I can understand wanting to move out to La Mosquitia sooner. You can finally get settled with your things and prepare your new home and find your new rhythm there.
You're in our prayers every night, happy to hear everything is going well. Your handy meteorologist is keeping an eye on the weather for you :)
WowWW! I'm behind in reading your blog. I'm thrilled for you all.
hugs from the States!

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