Finest Hours

This week has included some of the finest hours of my life... by 'fine' I do not mean perfectly positive or completely happy. When I think of something fine in quality, I see refined beauty, something of great value that has been painstakingly crafted.

It has been the combination of high frustration and high satisfaction that makes these hours 'fine.' High satisfaction because I love Honduras more today than I did last Saturday. High frustration because Honduras challenges me every single second.

Do you seek to live your life outside of the possibility of challenge or discomfort? Do you desire to live in a way that never really challenges your faith?

Or are you willing to seek God's will for your individual life in a way that allows the beauty of one life to be painstakingly crafted in the hands of a loving God? Are you willing to pursue the prize, regardless of the personal discomfort? Are you willing to come to a place where your prayer becomes only... God help me get through this moment?

I'm asking myself these questions daily. What kind of Christ-follower am I going to be? Am I going to seek my comfort above all else? Or am I going to allow the absence of physical comfort to bring me to my knees, to a place of complete and utter humility?


Holly (me.) said…
I read this post and a giggle escapes despite the serious nature of your words. In my mind's eye, I see us being bounced along in a truck that challenges our tailbones to remain without bruises.

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