Education Update

With all of the talk of starting school going on back home, I thought I might give a quick update on our plans for schooling this year!   2010-2011 will be a year like none we've known :).   

Obviously, mornings are all about Spanish!   On Wednesday, we will add Math... Teaching Textbooks is still our favorite and also the CD driven format is the best format for our lives right now.      We are still very, very committed to Tapestry of Grace for history, literature, geography, etc.   I've given the kids their first few books to begin for our Week 1 of the 20th Century!   So excited to see how their study of the US feels while living in another culture.    Our Bible time will be as a family - along with major prayer time for all of our friends back home and for our friends in Puerto Lempira.    

We've decided to let all other subjects... spelling, science and a bit of grammar, be placed on hold until we are in Puerto Lempira. 

I'm thankful that I had time to do all of my planning in June.   There is absolutely no way I could plan anything right now...  my mind is too consumed with the transition.

To all of my friends who are kicking off 'that time of the year'... may it be a GREAT one whether you do your learning at home or in a school building. 


Pam said…
Glad you were able to plan ahead and it is working for you.

I have had to make myself stay away form all the school supplies and books this year. It's hard not to be starting my kids' school or as a teacher.
Holly (me.) said…
I just now realized that you are schooling while immersed in your own language studies. Wow. The start of the school year during language school just never clicked. Now I am in awe.

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