The Early Days :)

So much to say...  I've got a million things to tell you, and not much time to do so.  How is this blogging thing going to work in a new country??  

First and foremost - we are here, all of us with all of our luggage.  We had a great 24 hours in San Pedro Sula with some pool time for the kids.    (I'm having trouble uploading pics to blogger).

We loaded our stuff into a very long van and made the beautiful drive to La Ceiba.  Our host family, Gloria & Hugo are sent directly from God.  They love the Lord, and they love us - even with all of our crazy gringo ways.   There home is lovely, but has no AC.  We find ourselves feeling very spoiled and try to put ourselves in the shoes of 99% of the population of this city - with no AC.

Gloria & Hugo - our heroes.  No question.   When we arrived with our footlockers, I suddenly found myself wanting to throw them out.   I do not need even 1/2 of this stuff.  

Gotta run... more later.


Araratacres said…
I CANNOT wait to hear more. I hope the little guys are doing ok and not stressing. I am missing you, but finding comfort in the familiarity of the blog. I promise to post more on mine on your behalf, as promised. Love you dear friend~ Liz
(PS- Charlie's toe is ok. He went to the dr today and so far, no infection. Because there is bone involvement, we will continue to watch it closely.....just thought you'd want to know that little tidbit. I will post on mine more later for you. Also, I thought about you while I was making my 7am drive to work, and wishing for a quick check-in call. Perhaps at some point we can do that!).
Denise said…
I was going to write almost exactly the same things as Liz (minus the part about Charlie's toe, because I almost pass out when I think about that) :)

I miss you and am praying for you daily. I loved seeing all the pictures of the beautiful family I love, and of your sweet host family. Why ever even question that God wouldn't have it in hand? Love you!

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