The Early Days - Part 2

I sit here and wonder - 'what would a reader of this blog want to know?'
Would they want to know ...

  • that my daughter loves hanging clothes to dry on a clothes line?
  • that my wee boys are running the spanish preschool they attend - after only 2 days?
  • that my oldest is blowing us all away at school?
  • that I have to take 2 cold showers a day to avoid dying of heat?
  • that Alex is possibly growing a beard?
  • that we have learned to live within a very small space?
  • that I've realized I really only need a dress, 2 pair of shorts and 2 t-shirts and one pair of shoes?
  • that I miss air-conditioning?
  • that the Lord is more faithful than I expected?
  • that I'm scared to death of my children getting dengue from mosquitoes or having to go to the public hospital here?
  • that I rejoice in the provision of a beautiful Honduran host family?
  • that I love hearing myself speak in spanish?
  • that I'm horrified to see the intense poverty surrounding me at all times?
  • that I'm certain of one thing... people don't want to hear that I'm a Christian until they see that I'm 'not like all of the other Christians they know.'  Very interesting thing to learn... it nips the whole short-term evangelism-only model in the bud?
  • that I love lizards of all sizes and get SO excited to see new birds and butterflies.  I've found that my last year living in suburbia has made me miss these things about God's creation?
  • that skype is a wonderful thing to keep my parents at peace about where we are?
  • that every time I sign on and check my e-mail, I have encouragement from friends far away which keeps me moving on to the next second?
  • that I LOVE the supermarket in La Ceiba - it is like a giant plethora of goodies - many which I recognize from home... wonder how I'm going to adjust to the one in Puerto Lempira that has 1/1000th of the items?
  • that I feel spoiled to have Gloria preparing every meal and telling me to 'sit down and study.'
  • that my life feels full even though I look like something the cat drug in?
 I'm certain that is enough for one day, eh?   If there are specific things you would like to know, leave me a comment and I'll feed your curiosity :).    Otherwise, I'm afraid my posts are about to get deeper again...  I have so many things in my brain right now.  And, of course, I still need your input in my noodling.

With much love and lots of sweat!  I'm truly traveling a few pounds lighter already.


Araratacres said…
loving all the information...what do you think the temperature is down there? Just curious. Glad to hear that everyone is adapting well. Love you. liz
Lara said…
It sounds like you all are doing wonderfully! You have such a great attitude!
Mama ginn said…
Try any new and/or unusual foods yet? My friend just posted that she ate Guinea Pig in Peru - It was something the locals LOVED to give missionaries right off the bat.
Sara said…
Dear Laura,
I am full of lots of emtions reading your blog...I'm sad and feeling guilty too that I missed getting to chat more and share more in the craziness of just making it through one day at a time of this difficult pregnancy.(I'm in the home stretch now, week 37!) I am reflective, knowing some of what you are going through now and what you have in store in the coming months. I'm so happy for you to finally be there! I'm remembering that same raw fear of all the what ifs that could happen to the kids, and even though we know that God IS big enough...we're still human, human mommies at that! I'm excited too, for what the future will bring for you and your family. I'll be praying...and reading your blog when I can. May He bless you all in the time of transition with peace, grace, and good health!
gracie :) said…
Love reading of your new adventures, friend! Can't wait to hear more about what God is doing in your lives!
Denise said…
I love the details. It feeds my "visual thinking" when I pray for you (which is often).

Bring on the "deep blogs"! I can't wait to hear all that is going on in your mind now that this is not future but actuality.

I love you all!
Holly (me.) said…
I want to know everything.

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