Bits of our life...

Random things, in no particular order...

  • the going rate for me to do my own laundry in Gloria's washing machine is $5 per load.  Yes, it is true.  However, she has given me a discount :) and I'm grateful!
  • the city bus drives down our street at 5:50 a.m. and honks the loudest horn I've ever heard :)  Good morning, world!
  • today we saw two grown men on one bicycle - one steering and one pedaling.  
  • books are a luxury item ... this has been such an eye-opener.  Hondurans don't just have books laying around, nor do they have an active library system.   This makes my whole packing endeavor - 15 boxes of books look absolutely absurd.   
  • transportation is now our biggest challenge (we've gotten accustomed to no AC) - to get our family of 6 anywhere it is $12 per trip.  Gloria & Hugo have a car, but also need us to pay them and aren't free to take us all over town all of the time.  So, walking is our best bet. 
  • while in the rainforest, I saw an iridescent blue butterly that was as large as my hand!
  • things are always more expensive than what we planned :)
  • I'm getting lots of practice at washing dishes by hand and I've realized that it is almost as much work loading and unloading a dishwasher as it is doing it all by hand. 
  • my teacher this week has engaged me in deep conversation!  I love it and yet have so much to say and no way to say it yet in spanish. 
  • perspective is everything... 
  • we are being taught and ministered to in many situations.  Isn't that an interesting twist to missions :)
  • across the street from the home we live in is a shack without a bathroom or electricity... the neighborhood consists of every type of home you can imagine.   I need to know more about this.
  • we found a church!  I heard this beautiful singing on Sunday evening and walked a block down the street.  My fear surfaced and I thought they would look at me as a stupid gringo.  This smiling face opened the door and walked out to the street to meet me.   She was loving and open, even though she spoke zero english and I butchered my attempts at conversation.   She ran to get another woman who spoke broken english and they welcomed me into an amazing church.   Truly, tears flowed down my face as I listened to these beautiful people praising the Lord.  I was reminded of our homechurch even though the worship was in another language.  Best part... we can walk to this church and their 4 weekly services!  


Denise said…
I peeked here yesterday to see if you had written anything new and was stuck again by just how cool the title "The World Is Our Classroom" really is. You can just never know, can you?

We were without electric for about 4 hours yesterday and you should have heard all the complaints (some of which did NOT come from me). As we sent kids to bed with no AC there was almost a "panic" in the air. You are so right--perspective IS everything.

I am choosing not to even think about the math of family of 6 factored into $5 a load!

I love that you have found a church. I just think there is something beautiful beyond words about worship in another language! Occasionally I sneak into the back for a moment or 2 during our Spanish service just because I love it. I don't even TRY to understand the words. I just like to listen.

I miss you!
Holly (me.) said…
A church! A church! So thrilled for you!
Everything these days seems to be more expensive than we have planned, too. *sigh*
If I charged $5 per load for the kids to do their own laundry they'd stop asking for allowance so they'd be too broke to do laundry. I'm going to have to think about the economics of this in terms of how long it would take me to do their laundry.
Wow! $5 a load. The 2-3 loads I do a day would get cut significantly. Guess we'd be wearing clothes longer. I'm spoiled.

$12 a ride for all six. Yikes!

Sounds like an adventure and a lovely one at that.

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