All About Bugs & Butterflies

Last week, we went to the Butterfly & Insect Museum - world renowned and located right here in La Ceiba, Honduras.  Thank you, Sara, for the head-up on this... it was well worth the effort to locate!   The museum was started by a US expatriate over 30 years ago.  Since that time, he has collected or traded for tens of thousands of species of butterflies and insects from around the world.   We received a very interesting lesson on a variety of insects.  WOW!

Kerri - this case is from Brazil!  I thought that one in the middle was gorgeous.

These butterflies are as big as a human hand.

Glad to know tarantulas are the same world-wide! All in all, I'd call it a great science lesson!


Denise said…
The butterflies are beautiful, but it is on your conscience if a couple of these images pop up in my mind as I am trying to fall asleep tonight. Yikes! :)
Sara said…
I'm so glad you guys found the bug museum! We have many fond memories of that place. Robert is a storehouse of info on anything insect in Honduras! There were many times we contacted him with various questions about the bugs we came across. A great home school tool! Aren't the rhino beetles fun! We have a pair that Robert framed for us and we brought back to the states. Hope you are able to enjoy many other places while in the city!
God bless!

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