Traveling Lighter

It is with great relief that we part with the mass of paper, wood, metal and plastic that makes up the typical possessions of one living the American dream.   These things and their care have weighed us down for many years.  And yet, we would continue to buy more.   Sadly, it has taken the better part of a year to clean out, de-trash, sell, give away and dispose of all of those possessions.

Still have much to do, but I'm feeling lighter already. 


Lara said…
As my husband and I are reading through Radical, we got to the part yesterday that discusses this. It feels so weird because it's so countercultural to not want more, even within the church. Praying for you, dear sister, as you unload.
Laurie said…
Traveling light is a great idea: physically and spiritually. I am moving from one apt to another here in Teguz. I felt like I had very few things here, but I found stuff today to give away. And I know I feel lighter, and other people could use my stuff.

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