T-Minus 16 Days

The rapids we are riding are great fun... I'm finally taking the time to look up from the bottom of the boat and enjoy the sites. 16 days! In 16 days we will be back in Honduras.  Those 16 days are jam-packed with stuff... good stuff, friend stuff, good-bye stuff, moving stuff.

With Alex's help we have checked off many, many to-dos this week. Our box count is currently at 30; hoping for 40 boxes, 15 buckets/bins full of Legos and 6 bikes. That should do it! ... oh, and over 20 boxes of donation items to include!

The most amazing that we've witnessed so far in this wild ride is the way believers from all different churches and backgrounds have come together to support God's work. To see Christ's church work in tandem like this has been refreshing and inspiring. This week has been no exception... read all about it here.


Holly (me.) said…
I am in awe of the brilliant, creative blessings that will travel with you, friend!
Praying with you Laura!
Lots of love,

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