Need a Straw?

I've always loved the metaphor of the 'glass half-full' or 'glass half-empty.'    Having the visual of liquid in a clear tall glass has always done my soul some good when evaluating reactions to life situations; my reactions and the reactions of others.

Upon further consideration of my typical response to 'glass half-empty' folks, I've come up with a few tidbits.   In the past, I saw myself as 'Suzy Sunshine' with the responsibility to convince the nay-sayer, pity-partier to turn that frown upside-down.   I've imagined myself taking a huge pitcher of ice water and pouring it into their glass with a smile.    Debate, advice and coddling ensued until the person realized that their glass really was overflowing.

Of late, I'm taking a different approach.  When someone comes at me with the 'glass half-empty' attitude, I find myself wanting to grab a straw and hand it to them.   Maybe if they drained that glass to the last drop, they'd realize what a bad situation really looks like.  And maybe they'd give all of this negative, stinkin' thinking a break.    Not that the Christian life is a walk in the park... it isn't.    And yet, our response is the key; do we learn and walk through the tough, or do we sit and complain about something that is considered beautiful to another??



Holly (me.) said…
That "glass half full" thing gets me, too. Have it on the Highest authority that those with pitchers (or in my case an eye-dropper!) may refill at an unending well of Living Water.
Kerri said…
touché! good post my friend!

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