Honduras Blogs

Honduras Blogs

So excited to join bloggers write about Honduras on the Honduran Blog Network.       If you are interested in events in Honduras or the variety of people who live in Honduras, visit Honduras Blogs.    One of the most appealing thing about this collection of blogs is the translation aspect.  The founders take blogs written in Spanish and translate to English for an introduction, and do the same for the English-writing bloggers.   Additionally, the newsworthy articles they include are presented in both languages.   This is so helpful for a Spanish-speaking-wanna-be like me :).

Proud to be a part of this group...  dreaming that one day, I'll be able to translate my own articles :). 


Laurie said…
I am excited for your journey. That area is in need of dedicated Christ followers. I am ministering on the outskirts of Tegu, where the shacks and out of work live. But the city is full of wanna be Missionaries. I like your tag, traveling light. Good sign that you will meet with success.
Thank you very much for your article about Honduras Blogs. I'm glad that you enjoy it and hope that some of your readers will also. As far as we know, you may have the only Mosquitia-related blog in Honduras! But if you happen to find that there are others, I hope you will let us know.

Have a great trip to Honduras!

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