Even This...

Great dinner last night with two friends... discussions of weighty matters which left me alternating between sleeplessness and horrible nightmares.    My post yesterday discussed the value of every ONE...  last night, our conversations about the most egregious offenses committed against children had me questioning whether the perpetrators of such things could be some of the ONES that I spoke of yesterday.  Or are these folks just too far away to receive grace?   My answer has to be that EVEN them, EVEN the most heinous, the most violent, the most vile, the most despicable... every ONE.  It is for every ONE that Christ came to forgive and save.

Hard to wrap my mind around.  Hard to put into pretty little boxes.  Hard to fathom.

And yet, if God's grace isn't available for that person, it isn't available for me.  Makes it a bit easier now, at least in my little world.


Araratacres said…
Laura, I just wanted you to know that I want to reach thru this computer and hug you. You are a testament to the "black and white...no gray area" of what is, however raw it is. Love you. Liz

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