So surprised and proud of our 4-year old.    Last night, at the opening night of our VBS, called Saddle Ridge Ranch, our pastor asked anyone if they knew any 'country' sayings.  He invited a few kids to come up and say their words in the microphone.    Our typically shy little guy heard 'country' as in geography ... and went up there and said 'Honduras' in the mic in front of lots of folks much older than him.

I will also add that our growing guy also built his very first LEGO tractor... all by himself.  His big brother, and lover of all things LEGO, wasn't even at home.    So, so, so amazed by you, Adam and the person you are becoming.   


Araratacres said…
as we (Charlie and I) frequently say between's all relative :). Hugs~ liz

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