Chasing Minutes to Honduras

We count days via a colored paper chain that hangs in our kitchen...   I chase minutes and try to muster up the brain power to say good-bye well, again and again  ...   many seconds I find myself rapidly moving toward departure date in a stupor.

Honestly, I had higher hopes for my last month here in Texas.   There were dreams of multiple playdates (for me :)).   There was the short-sighted notion that I could somehow focus primarily on the lives of my friends instead of what we are heading toward.    There was anticipation of the perfect way to explain 'why Honduras.'

Instead,  my brain feels constantly disheveled, my tone is often irritable and my calendar bulging.   I suppose a bulging calendar is better than a disheveled one, and an irritable calendar could be very difficult to manage :).  


Araratacres said…
I feel for you Laura, both sympathetically and empathetically.....but from "this side" of the goodbyes. Hugs with love, Liz
Holly (me.) said…
The tyrrany of the calendar...
I can't even imagine the emotions swarming through your head, your heart, and your house! We are sad to see you leave, but THRILLED to see how God uses your family to affect the lives in P.L.! Love,
The Pratt Family

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