Challenges of the In-Between

At dinner with two dear friends, another friend walks up and we engage in a short discussion about our upcoming move to Honduras.  She makes a brilliant comment... "It is the in-between that is the most difficult."

Yes, I do agree.   My 'in-between' Texas & Honduras has gotten very intense with the last few phone calls to friends.   Serious things going on with people I love:   surgery for possible cancer, a marriage breaking up, a possible brain tumor.   My heart is heavy and my prayers are necessary moment-by-moment just to keep myself walking forward. 

If we can just get there.

Sunday's message at church included the verse about 'finishing strong.'   And I realized that my friend's comment about the challenges of the in-between certainly applies to my spiritual life, too.   When I finally gave up control of my life, I began the journey toward eternity with my Savior.   And the spiritual challenges continued then and continue now to grow only more intense.   However, on that day, the one I dream of where I stand before my God, the in-between will be over.  He promises to wipe every tear away. 

This current in-between will also soon be over.    My in-between to Honduras will soon morph into an in-between from one Honduran city to another and then an in-between from Honduras to the States to visit and so on.  As long as I walk the dust of this earth, there will always be some earthly in-between to keep me on my toes.  

Maybe that is a good thing.


Araratacres said…
oh Friend, what are you doing up at 2am? Pondering and wondering it seems. I totally agree with the in-between. It is so much better to be constantly moving forward with in betweens, than to be stagnant. much love to you~ Liz
Anonymous said…
God bless on your mission. I hope that you are aware of the serious problems with crime throughout Honduras.
Laura said…
Liz - I'm fighting an infection and it had me going at 2am :).

Anonymous - We are aware to a degree of the crime problems... gang-related in most of the major cities. Thank you for your concern. We will be diligent in our efforts and unceasing in prayer. Blessings to you!
Holly (me.) said…
Dr. Seuss pegged those as Waiting Places. I'm not so sure that every day isn't something of an In Between Day because we are always waiting on Jesus.

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