Birthday Season Comes to a Close

Whew... we've officially reached the end of birthday season at our house.   We have 5 birthdays, an anniversary and Mother's & Father's Day in a 7 week span between May & June.    Egads, I say.

Yesterday ended the season with the 4th birthday of Adam.   He was up before the sun, having patiently waited through 5 other birthdays for June firtieff (30th) for his birthday.   (Yes, he still has very cute language skills as you will see further down in this post :))    I let him open his present from our family... and got to work fixing muffins.

As he attempted to put together his new Buzz Lightyear Lego set, I casually said something about always saying thank you when people give us birthday gifts.  Adam looks at me and replies, "Actooawee (actually), Mom, it's Gracias."    My little gringo is going to do just fine in Honduras.

I also spent my day remembering the events that made Adam mine.  Pulling his case file down from the closet shelf, touching the tiny baby onesie that his foster mommy saved for me, reading the details of his birth and his trauma, allowing the tears to flow freely   ...   I realized that I had forgotten.    In my rush to get to Honduras and serve vulnerable children, I had forgotten that my own little boys were once part of those statistics.     And hope springs eternal in me, once again.

And in case this all sounds too rosy for ya, let me add... there was a potty-training blow-out at Chick 'fil A at our birthday dinner, a screaming toddler loaded into the suburban because he couldn't keep his hands to himself, bickering older siblings and a very long nap time at our house in addition to the birthday festivities.    All in all, I think we experienced the broad range of emotions that is called 'living life to the fullest.'

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,
is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families..." Psalm 68:5-6


Lara said…
So sweet. When I was a kid, the months of July-November housed all five siblings birthdays! There were many shared birthday parties in our family.
Holly (me.) said…
So much to celebrate all at once!
WOW!!! What a day! YOur post brought tears and laughter at the same time! Sweet little Adam...he has such a gentle, caring heart!
Congratulations on making it through the birthday season. ;-)

I think it's wonderful to live life to the fullest, in all it's glory and messiest.

Can't believe you leave soon!!

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