All in a day...

Today we celebrated the sale of our beloved Suburban... for the asking price less $200.  Yipppeeeee.  Our celebration lasted a total of 15 minutes.  As we drove a friend's car back from the sale, we were rear-ended by a young mom on a cell phone with her baby crying in back.   

We are all just fine with a few aching muscles at this moment.   I'm sad for our friend who has the irritation of a car accident to take care of after we leave. 

This life is a vapor...  here and then gone.   An accident, a diagnosis;  fragile are we.   Instead of Honduras, our destination today could have been God's presence.   Now that would be a trip worth taking.


Araratacres said…
youch! So so glad you are safe. I hope it was only you and Alex in the car. Love you guys~ Liz
Holly (me.) said…
Life's little ups and downs, eh? Glad you are all okay, but sorry you will have to wait to receive your, "Well done..."

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