I find myself, once again, in learning mode.  Daily, in humility, seeking wisdom from the Source of all wisdom.   As the vultures of life circle in tight... fear, fear, fear and fear... I cling to the only trustworthy thing I can call upon.

His Word says " I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances."  Philippians 4: 11  Whatever the circumstances means simply anything life throws my way ... discomfort, downright pain, sickness, chaos, fear and even fear of death.   Whatever the circumstances.   And the beauty of this verse from Philippians 4 for me today is the word 'learned.'    Contentment can be learned...  like a habit, contentment can be practiced, taught and taken in until a believer's soul is infused with contentment.

Content with whatever the circumstances;   with a dengue outbreak in Honduras, with 8 footlockers which will hold our worldly possessions for several months, with the absolute unknown, with tears, with birthday celebrations, with giddy children watching Buzz Lightyear... whatever the circumstances.

Paul continues in Philippians 4 with the secret of being content in hunger, in abundance, in suffering...

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."  v. 13

Literally, the Greek says "I am able to face anything by the One who makes me able."    Something about this rendering speaks volumes to me.   The common 'I can do all things' often reminds me of the prosperity message.  Whereas, 'I am able to face anything' feels more like an ability to meet something head on with Christ's ability in me.   Facing something... rather than doing something.  Two totally different ideas... two totally different postures.

Thinking... Studying... Learning ... for the road ahead.


Holly (me.) said…
Life is difficult to give up and give over. Good thing it is not our own ability that makes us able, but our submission. I forget that too often and find myself locked in struggle.

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