Confession... I am a planner.   I sent out an e-mail about 3 weeks ago to friends that I desperately want to spend a few hours with and say a 'good' good-bye.   Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-2, my littlest two will be at a gymnastics/preschool camp.    So, my calendar is color-coded with coffee and lunches scheduled for the month of June... starting today.

Eagerly, we all anticipated the morning.  I made lunches, spiffed the boys up and loaded up my list of errands to squeeze in between a coffee at 9:00 and a lunch at 12:00.    As I drove up to Tumblebugs, I was aware that there were very few cars parked ...  maybe Adam & Aaron were the only students??!?   The boys jumped out of the car, hooked up their backpacks and literally danced into the gym.    Where was everyone else?

Sheepishly, I asked, does the gym/preschool start today?  Um, no.  Next week...  the public school system does not end until this week.  Egads, I'm a homeschooler, I don't know these things!!!  

I felt the panic set in... how to accomplish the things on my schedule for today?   Cancel coffee.  Reschedule errands.   Can I still make lunch during nap time since Alex is working at home?   Whew.  

And my Mom reminds me, "you must learn to be more spontaneous.  Hondurans are not scheduled, Laura."  Yes, yes, I do know that somewhere down in my being.   I just wanted to be Type-A for 65 more days, for heaven's sake.  65 days!  

My planning needs to stop here.  My worries about saying good-byes must be set aside.  My last days in Texas must be filled with life, not chaos.     And so, I take a deep breath... and I spontaneously decide to pack and let the kids watch a movie.    And I think about my very spontaneous friend, Collette, and celebrate what comes naturally to her.   Love that!


Lara said…
I was just talking about a similar topic with a coworker, regarding my sister's trip to Kenya. We discussed how liberating it would be to not be a part of the busyness of American life. What I wouldn't give for fewer schedules! So, once you go will you have internet access?
Laura said…
Yes, Lara, I do agree that the flexibility of 'doing life as it comes' is attractive to me.

We will have internet access for parts of days. We will also have one smart phone so that we can get calls/e-mail out even if electricity is down.

Trying to slow myself down in the midst of our culture that I've always survived fairly well in. :)

Blessings to you!
Holly (me.) said…
There is a whole conversation waiting to be had on the topic of planning.

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