Egads... I'm Gobbling

George - the turkey - at Ararat Acres

We were recently out at Ararat Acres, which belongs to our friends, Charlie and Liz.   While there, we met George.   George is a turkey.   He is so beautiful on the outside;  full of brilliant color.    George was not so tickled to see us.  He stuck that long neck out and gobble-gobbled at us to establish his territory.   Even our littlest and most daring was a bit scared by George.  

I confess that I have been very, very George-like this week.   Not quite as beautiful as George on the outside, but absolutely uglier in my actions and words.    I gobble-gobbled at my little boys this morning... loudly.   I was easily offended this week, trying to establish my territory.   I also chose to reveal something to someone this week that really wasn't their business.  Why did I feel the need to reveal my past to someone I barely know?  Not sure.   That revelation of mine has haunted me all week.  I've worried about that person's judgment; I've made assumptions about that person's legalistic outlook;  and I've spent way too much time in my past instead of living in the present.

So... right now, here in this public place, I'm drawing a line in the sand.    I will not continue in this another minute.   I am not George.  I'm a child of God.  I'm forgiven.  I have a purpose.  I will show my children kindness.   I will rejoice in God's flowing grace... and I will absolutely, unconditionally show grace to others.


Lara said…
My mom says "egads" :-) Good reminders. I've been a little like George, too. I have this horrible habit of speak-think-regret. Almost every conversation I leave follows that pattern!
Araratacres said…
Some thoughts here:

I have been "George-ing" myself this week too. Heavy sigh.

Laura, you are much much prettier than Geo will ever be. He also preens and flaunts, and I've never seen you do that. He is a pretty boy, and he knows it.

Why don't we start a new saying. Just think to yourself..
"Oh no, I'm George-ing again", or you can call someone on it..."Don't be a George". Just the thought will make us smile when we are frowning on the inside.

Thanks for the memory made. And btw, great pic of King Geo :). ~ liz
Laura said…
Lara - I'm so with you ... that habit speak.think.regret stinks, doesn't it? Here's to both of us breaking free of that and doin' a lotta thinkin', a little speakin' and zero regretin'!

Liz - You got it! I used to be known to preen quite a bit ... oh, but thankfully you didn't know me then. :) George is a beautiful subject and I have an amazing camera that pretty much takes pictures for me. You and I know have our very own private language - Georgian. Love ya!
I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing your "George" experience! It is a very nice picture of George!!!
Holly (me.) said…
I keep reading and re-reading that thing about being slow to speak, but then my mouth just pops right open and, "Bleah!" out falls soomethin' not quite right. Or utterly wrong. *sigh*
Whatever you might have revealed, you are, "...precious in His sight," as the sweet little song goes, and you are precious in mine as well, friend.

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