Blown Away

I've seen this sermon series referenced on several blogs in the last few months... Radical by David Platt.   Yesterday, I watched the intro and this morning I'm listening to the sermon on Radical Sacrifice.   Literally, I'm blown away... challenged, heart-sick, standing helpless and ready to give it ALL up.   I'm not there yet, I seem to take back and cling to so much on a daily basis.   But, I want it ALL to be His... ALL of it.  

"Remember the former days, when after being enlightened, you endured a great conflict of sufferings..."  Hebrews 10:32


gracie :) said…
My brother and sister-in-law go to his church in Birmingham! He is an incredible teacher and also an adoptive father. His book, Radical, was also recently published.
Lara said…
Maybe I should listen to it. I started his book last night. To be honest, I wanted to wait to start his book because I've just read Crazy Love and The Hole in Our Gospel, both of which seem to have similar messages to Radical. But I couldn't wait any more so I started it. A lot of my bloggy friends have referenced the sermons though.
Clay said…
I've read the first chapter. It's really good, though I do have a couple nitpicks with it. I'd love to read the rest of it.

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