Two - Knit together, not in the womb, but in the heart...

Critics of adoption.  They seem to lurk on every street corner waiting to scare the pants off anyone thinking about adding a stranger's child to their home.    

I recently heard a new criticism... not of adoption, but of those adopting.  It goes something like this, "Christians just adopt to make themselves look super-spiritual."    Hmmmm.  Let me just say, adoption did anything but make me look super-spiritual.   In fact, fostering and adoption exposed the underbelly of my sin for the entire world to see;   my judgment, my attempts at control, my lack of faith, my selfishness, my people-pleasing tendencies and on and on.

It was the process of bringing the Two above into our home that took me from doing 'pretty well' with my half-baked Christianity to falling headlong at the feet of my Savior knowing that I, literally, can do nothing without Him.

So, if you are tempted to believe that adoptive parents think they are 'all that' and the top-of-the-list, too, let me assure you, that isn't it!   God uses adoption to refine the parents.   Yes, He also places children into loving homes.  Praise Him!   However, it isn't a rosy, Hollywood picture.  It is a gritty, day-by-day battle which has left me bandaged and weary but ready to battle for other babies in Honduras.


gracie :) said…
Absolutely precious! Amen, sister, amen.
Lara said…
Well, Laura, I think I've found a kindred spirit in you. I love what your family is doing with your faith and I hope to learn from it. I completely agree with ridiculous criticisms of adoption - this is something that is beginning to be a big part of our life. Check my post tomorrow for a little more info. Nice to meet you, new friend!
Laura - AMEN! I am simply a sinner saved by His grace - that decided it was much better to say YES LORD than yes to self. I learned that to love Him fully and completely meant to die to self and do whatever He is asking me. I learned that adoption is His heart and because of that I would be willing to go to the ends of the earth to meet two of our children and thank Him every day for trusting me to do His will!

Love and hugs,
Holly (me.) said…
I have run into this attitude, and it boggles my mind. The other day someone referred to her children as some having, "grown under my heart and others in my heart." Love that.
Kristine said…
Amen!! Amen!! and AMEN.

Loved this post.
Laura said…
As I've thought more about this lately, I realize that parenting, in itself, is a refining endeavor. It is hands-down the most challenging of tasks... which is why is so easy for most to give-in and give-up.

Just want to encourage you Mommies of young children... it does get easier. Don't give up, keep fighting for your children!

In Christ,
WOW! I am so very proud of you for saying it like it is!!! People constantly form uneducated and ignorant opinions and you are AWESOME for telling it like it is! I love reading about people's experiences of adoption so we can prepare for when and if God places adoption in our family and the addition of a new beautiful soul in our hearts!

Love you!!!


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