You know, I just love having my friends, mis amigas, around.   We don't have to be engaging in any profound discussion, although that is fun, too.   I just love having them around me. 

Today...  standing side-by-side with Denise while our daring 3-year-old blondes jumped to us over, and over, and over.     Seeing the absolute delight of Jacob cackling at a spider-man wake board.   Talking to his Mommy, Emily,  about parenting;  remembering the early years when I thought I simply was going to give up.    Hearing Collette's laughter fill my backyard.   Watching David munch on goldfish.   Seeing Katie giggle as she made her way around the pool on her very own.   Remembering last summer when Kim and I pondered why my youngest thought she was his Mommy.    Realizing that all of our big kids have grown up so much that they can survive without my constant, watchful eye.   Thankful.

When we sold our country dream house and found a rent house for our interim living, I hated the idea that it had a pool.   I had nightmares about my boys and their safety.   And yet, look .... today, and every Swim Friday for 8 more weeks, the pool becomes the reason my friends make the trek to my house.   (Or it may be the Nutella-filled, cinnamon-sugar tortillas.)   Isn't that so like my God to take the very thing I hated about something and turn it into the thing that brings 'my church girls' together?     (By the way, there were more than a few of you that were very, very missed!)

Growing children, growing Mommies, growing memories ... my life today.


Denise said…
We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the day too. I can't think of a better way to share your last Texas summer than poolside with friends in the sunshine! Thank you for opening your backyard to us each week and for letting us leave a few wet footprints on the way to your downstairs bathroom. :)

I'm not sure I'm going to thank you for teaching me about the Nutella snack though--one more vice...
...but for the record, neither they nor the pool will be the reason we come each Friday.
Laura said…
Really, Denise, I just thought I would bribe you for your graphic design expertise. I was so pumped after our training and then so mad at my brain for not intuitively understanding CS3. Maybe next week when we have a movie afternoon, we can get our little ones down for a nap and play. I was thinking Lexi could nap in Arlee's room???

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