Let All of the Nations...

The best birthday gift... EVER.   A bilingual Bible - Spanish/English.     How helpful is this for an aging brain that is having a terrible time remembering all of the Spanish I'm cramming into my noggin!    Having this in front of me will hopefully keep me from having to say "Soy Embarazada!"  thinking I'm saying "I'm embarrassed" when really I'm saying "I'm pregnant!"   Yes... embarazada means pregnant and yes, I've made that mistake!   Laugh with me, friends... laugh with me!

Step back from that for just a minute.  I'd like to share who gave me this lovely Santa Biblia.   My Mom.   Can you even for a minute put yourselves in my Mom's shoes??   After having her daughter within a 30 minute drive for the last15 years, my Mom is releasing me to follow God's call to a remote area of Honduras.   Her gift is a beautiful offering.   I am fully aware of her sacrifice... fully aware.


I did laugh Laura! Ha ha ha! Glad you won't be announcing you are pregnant to the people of Honduras anymore - well that is unless you are!

Your mom's gift is a treasure for sure!

Hugs and blessings,
Hope you find that Hesp. Foundation link helpful. :-)

I remember so clearly the church service where I responded to the invitation, and committed to missions service - then feeling another kneel beside me and realizing it was my mom, committing to let me go...

I know you'll treasure that Bible.
Holly (me.) said…
Love that your Mom would give you such a blessing.

"Embarazada," is one of my laughably few words of known Spanish. It's on the sign in rooms where x-rays are done right above the English asking one to advise the tech if one is or might be pregnant. That's the ONLY reason I remember it.
Laura said…
Yes, ladies, it is a treasure. Holly, you know the best how true that is! Thank each of you for sharing in my joy. I loved my quiet time this morning... reading a verse in English and then again in Spanish. I love how God's Word speaks loudly to me in another language.

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