On one hand... attempting to speak to our car finance company about an incorrect payment and being denied such access because the account is in my husband's name and we are 2 months from paying it off!   Egads... frustration.

On the other...text message from dear friend about enlarged liver and health concerns.  Egads... opportunity to pray.

Which of these holds my attention?   Will I immediately intercede on behalf of my sister-in-Christ or will I continue soaking myself in frustration?     Hmmm... no choice here.   I go before my God in prayer for my friend's peace, health and comfort today!


Holly (me.) said…
After years of my frustration with all accounts being in the mister's name or with him as the primary name, I put all thhe utilities in my name when we moved into our First House. Imagine how that went when he was trying to get everything changed over to New House in order to take some tasks off my to-do list. Best-laid plans...

All will be exactly as it should be, and we can rest in Christ knowing this is true. His power is rarely more evident than when I am helpless.

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