Happy Birthday

Hi Everyone,

This is Jill and I'm hi-jacking Laura's blog just for a minute.  I got the distinct pleasure of meeting her this week through our blogs.  What I learned today is that TOMORROW Tuesday, May 18th is her birthday and I want to be one of the first people to wish this special Mom and my new friend a blessed day.

Laura, may the Lord shine His face upon you today!  May you rest in His unfailing love for you.  May you be filled to overflowing by His grace, love and joy today and all the days of your life!  May you wake and hear the words of your family call you blessed.  May the day be filled with laughter and love.  May your heart soar on wings of an Eagle as God whispers His love to you over and over again today. 

Thank You God for introducing me to Laura and her beautiful family.  Father, keep them in Your care and close to You as they prepare for their journey to Honduras.  Thank You for their tender hearts for the least of these.  Father, prepare them and all those who will be joining them on this journey.  Thank You Father, for what you are doing in their hearts, home and lives.  They are a beautiful witness of Your powerful love and transforming grace.  God give them the grace to do all that You have set before them this year.  Father, please love on Your daughter Laura tomorrow and hug her for me.  In Jesus' most blessed name!

Hugs and thank you Laura for allowing me the honor and privilege to design your blog! 


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