Amazing Blog Makeover

Welcome!  Bienvenidos!   How about this amazing new blog design??  Well, here's the scoop...

You see, there's this very special lady, Jill, whose blog I've read for quite a while.  She is a woman of God, devoted wife and home schooling Mommy of 9!   Not only does she have very valuable wisdom on walking closely with the Lord, but she also is an extraordinarily giving person.

Jill has a heart for the fatherless, a passion for making known the needs of the orphan around our world.  She walks the talk... having adopted from many countries around our world.    Jill also has a blog Design Site where she does something very special.   For a donation to one of 4 ministries, Jill will give your blog a make-over.  

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know I love Amazima Ministries... Katie from The Journey.   I was able to donate to Amazima, one of my favorite ministries, and receive this beautifully creative blog design. 

What has me thinking though... after I pick my jaw up off of the floor that someone can put something like this together via e-mail... is this:   Jill spent all of this time making my blog beautiful not because she knows me, but because she knows my Jesus.     She did not do this because she makes money from it, but because it benefits the least of these!    I LOVE that kind of HEART!

And that, my friend, is why I invite you to visit Jill's websites, listen to her heart as she writes and allow her to bless others through her creativity.   She's a humble person, who points it all heavenward!  Amen and thank you, Jill!


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