Abundance & Scarcity

When I read much of Tara's writing, I feel a tinge of recognition; a sense of awareness that her words will be my life very, very soon.    She describes the lure of American materialism far better than I.   So, do it... hop on over there and read it and let me know what you think!


Denise said…
Very insightful. She brings up several things that I don't think I had ever thought of--in particular guilt as an insufficient motivator and the whole idea that an American will be forever removed from the place he/she is serving by means of that passport "out".

I really feel like God has turned me inside out in this whole area of materialism in the last few years, but now I find I constantly fall into sin by judging others for their crazy excess. The truth is though that I am patting myself on the back for not being "McKinney", while we still own such a ridiculous amount of JUNK! Would love to discuss it with you some day!
Laura said…
Denise - You are one of the most honest women I have ever met. We have so much to talk about in this area... I, too, find myself subtly judging others about excess. I drive myself crazy in that area.

Plus... I've forgotten much of what you taught me last week. Seriously. UGH. My brain is another year older, so I guess I should go easy :). I did get my map made, though, with La Moskitia circled. Praise God for small miracles.

Love you. Should probably just put this in an email :).

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