To You, My Friend...

When we are at coffee, you and me, or maybe lunch or at the park ... you often ask me "how was Honduras?" To you, my friend, I have limited words to express this thing that has happened in me. So, I simply answer you with "Honduras was great!" Often, the discussion of Honduras ends with that and we move on to muse on how fast our kids are growing up, allergy season and the like. Often, I leave with a sense of frustration that I have been unable to convey, to you, my friend, the depth of what Honduras has come to mean to me.

Today, I offer this. Honduras awakens me from my spiritual slumber. She partners with God to bring my soul alive. She stirs a part of me that I never even knew existed before I met her people. In Honduras, I allow God to do the painful work of deciphering my days and pointing me toward His purpose for me. Daily, I ache to be back ...

Honduras is not just a place to me. Honduras is more than just 'great.' Honduras is every emotion to me... anticipation, anger, surprise, fear, excitement, deep gladness, revulsion. Honduras is part of my journey, part of God's transformation, part of me. This is why, friend, I must go back. It may make no sense to you. It may, on the other hand, resound in you like beautiful music. Regardless, I ask for your prayers and I ask you to set your judgment aside. Rejoice with me, rejoice with my family just as I rejoice with you and yours as you walk the path God on which God has led you.

I believe God has given each of us our very own 'Honduras.' He desires that His children walk this earth with eyes wide open, scales removed; awake to the people in our midst; alive to the opportunities we have to deeply love. Honduras just happens to represent awakening in my life... what does God use to awaken you?

I am reminded of this beautiful song that we listened to on Easter Christ is Risen - Come Awake!


Ginn8888 said…
Glad you like this song. You going to be there on Sunday?
A Waits said…
Very nice my love! You captured what I feel too.
I LOVE IT!!! You do an amazing job of expressing your passion and commitment to God. You and the family are an inspiration to others to listen and answer when God calls!

We love you guys!

Denise said…
I love this. It is so easy for me to get caught up with thinking that answering a life call is all about the sacrifices God calls you to make because someone, somewhere needs you. Not that that isn't true--you guys are making unbelievable sacrifices to help these children that you didn't even know a year ago.

But in my fear, I lose sight of the other half of it--that in the process, God gives you what you need yourself, even if you never dreamed it was what you were needing. He is so good.

I don't know what my Honduras is yet, but right not I feel IMPATIENT (which trumps DREAD any day) to find out.

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