Giving My Shiny New...

Over the past month, we've had many folks drop off sacks of stuff for the kids of Honduras. So while I'm in the midst of shedding our personal stuff, I'm also in the midst of collecting other people's stuff, more important stuff... stuff for the kids in Puerto Lempira.

After days of tripping over white plastic bags and boxes, today I decided to dig in and start sorting and packing the clothes. I simply was not prepared for this task!

You see, normally people donate their used clothes, worn and faded. Heavily used, at times. These sweet items that I packed today were different. They were gently loved...many still had tags. I prayed over these outfits and dreamed about these beautiful threads on the Honduran children I already love.

How like my God ... to teach me in the unexpected moments, standing dust-covered in my garage! Instead of giving my leftovers, my worn-out, my last drop... I'm seeking today to give my very best, my sparkly new, my cup-overflowing.


If you need ANY help sorting, I am available at any time, well starting today!!!


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