Pieces That Just ... Fit

We are home from our Spring Break trip to Honduras! Now that we are home, I can admit to something :). This was my first ever attempt at planning an international trip for 9 people. I was a teensy-weensy bit nervous that my plans would crumble in my lap.

God showed Himself in amazing ways. Not only did He honor my fumbling attempts at travel agent, He did much, much more... He showed me in impossible-to-miss ways that each member of our family has a place in Puerto Lempira.

Our oldest two children made wonderful friends. Aidan thrived with the other boys and kicked off his lego ministry with full force. Arlee delighted in the girls and babies and made one very special friend. Arlee and her friend sobbed for what seemed like an eternity as they parted ways.

But that is not all.... our little guys were not with us on this trip. There were times, early in the week, when I felt like everyone had a spot except my wee ones. On the very last day, we planned to look at some rent homes for our family. I casually mentioned to Katrina, the amazing missionary in PL, that I might like to have the boys in some type of half-day preschool. She lit up with excitement and proceeded to deliver me and my friends to the most precious little yellow school house that is... bilingual! Yes, it is in spanish and english. Right there, in the most remote corner of Honduras, there is the sweetest little morning school that has spots in their small classes for my two gringo goslings.

Tickled, I am! Why am I consistently surprised when God is in the details? I am just so forgetful :)...

Lots more to tell. Bottom line, we are eager to get ourselves relocated! Our anticipated date to start language school is August 2! Yippeeeeee... let's see, how many days does that leave to pack??


Araratacres said…
I love loving you. It is such a privilege to get to watch this beautiful butterfly of a family get ready to spread its wings and migrate south. We (Charlie and I) so look forward to helping you and Alex and the kids however we are able. Love YOU! ~ Liz
AWESOME...that is the word that comes to my mind as I read this post! To see your children fall in love with their future (very near future) home, and to see your face light up in excitement at the discovery of the morning preschool...ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

We love you guys, and can't wait to see more about how God uses you and your family to serve Him in Honduras!! I am so excited for you guys!

Kerri said…
Beautiful! Isn't God so good? His faithfulness is evident in so many things . . . things that I never should have worried about and things I never even thought of.

I happy and prayerful for you my dear, dear friend . . . craving a corner somewhere with coffee and time for us to just chat!
Holly (me.) said…
That preschool had such a sunny feel. Ironic on a cloudy, rainy day, eh? I can just see your guys thriving there in learning and play.

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