Like Flies to Honey

My blog has suddenly become a magnet for spammers in the comments section. I find myself having to delete inappropriate comments several times per day. Eeegads. Any hints from my fellow bloggers?

These last few weeks have been fun. I've been playing a little game with myself as I anticipate our return to Puerto Lempira. Over soap bubbles and laundry, I'll ask myself 'what will I be doing this time next week?' And, I smile, knowing that whatever it is I'm doing, I'll be warmer :) and surrounded by happy, brown faces.

There is much to accomplish in our week trip to Honduras. If I dwell on all of the things that have to 'get done,' my excitement wanes and the trip becomes just one more thing on my to-do list. So, instead I find myself focusing on little faces; memorizing names and ages of those I don't yet know; imagining phrases of Spanish that might help me communicate a bit of my interest in each face.

If I could speak but one phrase to each child, what might that one phrase be? I know it is not the 'things' I bring that matter to them. Those 'things' are quickly discarded, stolen or lost. It is the interest, genuine interest, that brings those children running toward gringos and clinging on for dear life. It is the potential for attention, laughter and love that gives hope and energy.


Ginn8888 said…
Do you have comment moderation turned on? I use it on my site so that a comment from anyone who is not registered has to be approved by me first. I've also got a plugin that handles most of my comment spam, but it's only available in Wordpress. I'm not sure what Blogspot has available.
Araratacres said…
blogspot also has a comments moderation option, which is what I have on my blog. It works well, and has never been infiltrated :). ~ Liz

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