Crying in my Dreams...

Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night crying because of a dream you've had? I simply cannot recall a time when this has happened to me. If it has, I'm certain the dreamland tears were not tears of joy.

Last night, I dreamed of Puerto Lempira and driving around with Mrs. P and Mrs. A in a dirty 4-wheel drive gator. In my dream, we had just arrived and hopped in the vehicle. I was so happy... just raw happiness ... that I cried like a baby. I felt so relieved to be back in Puerto Lempira.

That sounds so odd. It does. And yet, I believe it was a reminder from my sweet Savior that the distractions that linger this week and the fear that clings will be flung far from me when I just...get... back. Praise you, Lord... praise YOU.


Oh, I just love how loving our LORD is. He's right there with you.
Holly (me.) said…
Soon! Maybe not soon enough, or for long enough, but soon.
tracey fields said…
man. praying for you. just wanted to let you know that all my girls are going to be homeschooling again. they've been in a christian school for two years now and they are coming home. i am so pumped. my arthritis has settled down- with shots- so i am feeling able. they are so excited about it.'s amazing how God's call for us to follow his plan shows his PROVIDENCE and it is continuously on our minds. Only a few more weeks, and then a few more months...watching this path unfold itself is surreal and breath taking...the way God works in our lives!

Much love, friend!

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