Cleanin' Up My Blog

What to do with this little bandwidth in the blogosphere... that is the question. When I began this blog and called it 'The World Is Our Classroom," I had intentions of it being a home schooling blog. I had dreams of sharing the ups and downs of having a one-room schoolhouse in my home.

And then... it seemed that this blog became a sounding board for my spiritual journey. Instead of the ups and downs of a school marm, it has been the ups and downs of a spiritual beggar.

So, what is next? I've been 'fasting' from blogosphere overload and finding it good for my family. There is a keen sense of awareness that I simply will not have the luxury of extra time in Puerto Lempira. Our new website, Reach Out Honduras, should be a priority with the time I do have. And yet, I do not feel free to share much of my ramblings on that site. Thus, the predicament.

Maybe this site will just be for the laughable aspects of adapting to a new culture. Maybe I'll reserve my spiritual ramblings for my own journal. Much to consider in these next months. I do know one thing... the name of this blog takes on an entirely new meaning with our departure. The world will truly now be our classroom; on so many levels.


Araratacres said…
I think you should keep this blog open for you and your thoughts that you don't necessarily want to share with everyone who will see the more public Reach Out Honduras. If I guess right, you have core friends who read and respond on this blog. You may need "us" later as a group when you need to ramble or spill thoughts on "paper"....just as we will need to feel you and your presence when you move to Honduras. Somehow, I do think that personal blogs makes distance not so great. I use the term distance whether in miles or differing lives (stay at home mom's vs working woman. solitude vs craziness. peace vs chaos. the list goes on). The personal blogs help us stay connected. I believe this is more effective than other social medias like FB etc. You really see a slice of someone's life here, the personal stuff, the laughable stuff, the heartwrenching stuff. The stuff we choose to share with one another. I vote you keep The World is our Classroom, and don't change the name :).
Holly (me.) said…
There's no need to make the decision now. Imagine the tales you will have to tell Faithful Reader--- and some are not what might be best for Reach Out Honduras while still entirely worth the telling. After all, what would we have missed without our mutual blog-stalking?
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