WIDOWS and orphans...

We often are more comfortable with the idea of caring for orphans - we instantly may feel a connection and sorrow for the plight of the fatherless since they are so small and helpless. In many, many verses in God's Word, the widow and the orphan are spoken of together! Do we forget the widow? I know I do.

Katie at The Journey walked through this very thought herself recently... you have to read what she wrote. Allow yourself to be moved. There are many widows in Haiti right now. I do not know the number, but I do know the story of one... Suzanne David - a woman cared for by the Livesays. Lord, strengthen your people to rise up and care for people! Let us not just be hearers of Your Word, but doers!


Exactly! I think that's why God won't let James 1:27 out of my head. I focus on the orphans part. Widows are just as important to God. I just saw that you posted this. Sorry, I hadn't stopped by in awhile.

On Sundays, I'm talking about widows. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

in Him,

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