My thoughts are tangled up right now... planning a spring break mission trip to Honduras, processing the suffering in Haiti, working out the kinks on our ministry website, praying with my husband over details and fears, teaching my eldest how to write a beautiful descriptive paragraph, nursing the continued strep/ear infection that won't let me go ... and so on.

What are you up to, cyberfriend? What is on your heart right now? What is God teaching you about Him and His great love for you?


Hey friend...I understand and can completely relate to your struggles. Tangled is an excellent title to your blog. It's heart wrenching to see and read about the pain and tragedy in Haiti. BUT...God calls us to do an be in different places. I pray that God continues to lead me to where he wants me to serve Him.

I didn't realize you were still battling the strep and ear infection. I'll continue to pray for your health.

I'm looking forward to Sunday!

Araratacres said…
I think I must live in a tangle, or at least I have for the last year for sure. Life demanding one thing, while my heart and mind are definitely elsewhere. It is difficult. I try to hold on to the fact that I know I am doing what God is asking of me (..to keep my family afloat financially right now), even tho I feel like the more "obvious" missions are left to the wayside at this point in my life. Not being able to jump in and participate has been frustrating, sad (for me), in a way...humbling (as I am normally a "get 'er done" kind of girl). It is a season, and it will pass.

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