Reminded of Pain

Health is a gift. E-Care is a gift. Antibiotics are a gift.

The worst pain I've ever experienced came in the form of kidney stones. In my mind, death was imminent. That was 9 years ago and I've been a fairly healthy woman since that time.

Today, I experienced the second worst physical pain... an ear infection. I know, it sounds ridiculous doesn't it? A grown woman belly-aching over an ear infection. There was a point today when I was alone at Walgreen's waiting for drugs that I truly thought the pain was going to make me pass out. Truly.

Alex took the kids to our local nature museum today. While he was gone, my ear felt like it exploded. I knew something was very wrong. Come to find out, the sore throat I've nursed on and off for almost 2 months, is strep. And, my ear is infected. And I just had to let you know about it, too, so we could all enjoy a pity party for Laura :).

When this happens in Honduras, what will my day look like? Well, it could be a call to my PA sister to find out what type of antibiotics I should pick up over-the-counter at the market. Or it could be a call to Dr. Mary Ann, the retired cardiologist who devotes her life to the people of Puerto Lempira. Or it could be that I would have to suffer through the pain. As my husband has so graciously reminded me, people all over the world live their days in worse pain... it isn't that he isn't sympathetic, just a realist.

Pain can be a good thing when it reminds us of the pain of others, the suffering of many and the blessings of health.


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