Orphan Fatigue and Remaining Unsettled

Do you get orphan fatigue when you read my blog? Do the faces of children blur together as you watch video or look at photos? Do the needy ones cease to be individuals and instead become 'those poor children?' Do you find yourselves so overwhelmed with your inability to help many that you are paralyzed to help even one?

If so, one of us is not doing our job. My job is to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit and bring to light the situations which are in my tiny sphere. Your job is to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit and allow yourself to be 'unsettled.'

A friend from college that I haven't spoken to in over 20 years e-mailed yesterday (yes, I'm that old). He used a form of the word 'unsettled' and I have worn that word like a badge since I read his message. That word is me. Unsettled. Unsettled by the things I've seen that must break my God's heart. Unsettled by my own selfish heart. Unsettled by the state of America (Liz). Unsettled by Honduras. Unsettled.

Will you allow yourself to move unsettled into 2010? Will you make a promise to God to remain unsettled on December 31 of 2010? The cure for orphan fatigue, or charity fatigue in general, is just that... remaining unsettled by the people that God brings into your sphere. Those people are not accidents, those children are not just faces... be unsettled.


Araratacres said…
Some people might confuse being unsettled with undue worrying. I do not classify myself as a worrier, rather one who looks for a solution to a problem, and also an "averter" of potential problems, by solving them before they might occur.

In addition to the more common definition of "worry" (that everyone is familiar with), Websters also has this definition: to move, proceed, or progress by unceasing activity.
Perhaps as you suggest, people first need to identify their worry/concern for (_____fill in the blank), and then progress to the second stage of worry....which is to DO SOMETHING. Pray. Reach Out. Do whatever is in your scope of abilities to be part of the solution. Blessings to you sweet friend this 2010. ~ liz
Angela said…
I just wanted to let you know that I have given you the lemonade stand blog award. hop over for details.
I can't get enough of the orphan information. It's a constant prayer...and THANK YOU for being the water that constantly feeds the seeds that have been planted for me and my family!

UNSETTLED - always, constantly...driven to make a difference.
Laura said…
Clarification on unsettled,the word... Liz, I'm not a big fan of worrying either. In fact, I believe chronic worrying is difficult to resolve biblically.

I look at unsettledness being more as a feeling that isn't resolved... something in your mind that can't be wrapped up in a neat little package. Not so much a wringing of hands thing, just something that you can't let go of and can't get a clear answer on why it sits unresolved.

I remember Phil talking about this but I cannot remember the word he used... Holy ___________. Often we do 'feel unsettled' about something and not knowing how to resolve it ourselves, we ignore it rather than seeking to be unsettled until God chooses to settle the issue in His way.

We've gotta talk more about this one, friend. Can't wait to hear your views, as always!
Beautiful post. Just beautiful. I'm trying to post it in my brain, my heart, my spirit.

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