Of a Magnitude Indescribable

380,000 orphans in Haiti... the number UNICEF estimated 3 years ago! Can you even wrap your mind around that number??

My first prayer to God was, "Lord, I want to go to Haiti! Let me go to Haiti and do something! Please Lord, why can't I go to Haiti?" And He gently turned my face toward the 4 I have and the pictures of the hundreds in Puerto Lempira and reminded me... your call is here and there are children waiting for you in Honduras. He reminded me that He is the father of the fatherless and He has called others to Haiti. Not me.

My job for Haiti is to pray fervently.... for unending grace on each individual life; for the missionaries who already make their home in Haiti and have been serving Haitians for years, unnoticed; for the aid workers who come from around the globe to serve strangers; for access to clean water, food and medical supplies; for corruption to be exposed... to be brought into the light so that true rebuilding can take place in Haiti; for children those who were orphans before the earthquake and those who were made orphans in its destruction - Lord I pray that there are people willing to take them in and feed them, love them like a family; and finally, I pray for the church in Haiti - may she grow in God's strength, may she be welcoming, forgiving and point many to redemption. Oh, how I pray for many to see Him in the faces of those serving and those being served. He is there, He has not left Haiti alone.

And if, perhaps, dear reader, you are one of the ones He is calling to Haiti, I pray for you to rise up and say "Here I am... Lord, send me!"


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