A Serious Season

When I think about blogging and this blog in particular, I get a feeling that my posts have become lopsided with the seriousness of life. Most of my writing right now is pretty serious and covers topics relating to adoption, orphans, missions and the challenges of being human. After my last post, I decided I need to add a bit of fun back into my conversation :).

However, I just discovered some interesting information... many people who visit this blog come from a search on google or yahoo related to the "fear of God vs. the fear of man." Needless to say, I am totally shocked. From this tidbit, I'm encouraged. There are other people out there who obviously struggle alongside of me on this same topic. I'm grateful.

While I do need to laugh a bunch more, I will take this serious season as the gift that it is.


Clay said…
Don't feel alone in this thought. I struggle every week with the fear of man.
Holly (me.) said…
Much to be said for a woman who fears the Lord. That said, there is time for laughter, too, and it can come at the oddest moments.

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