Pieces of me in Honduras

"Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness..." 2 Corinthians 9:10
It seems, in some ways, that I've settled back in to my American life after our trip to Honduras. The tears don't spontaneously come like they did for a few weeks; the dreams of Miskito children don't seem to be as vivid; the town of Puerto Lempira seems to be moving farther away from me.

And then came yesterday. Dr. Tom was heading down to Puerto Lempira to visit the kids at the House of Hope. We were ecstatic to have a reason and the ability to send Christmas wishes, letters, candy and a few more shoes as promised during our visit. Yesterday, Dr. Tom arrived early in the morning. Everyone arrives early in the morning to Puerto Lempira. Early is the only available flying option - unless you have your own plane (who has their own plane in the jungle?).

My first thought yesterday morning at 5:30 a.m. was that plane ... taking off from La Ceiba, flying above the mist-covered mountains with lush green jungle below. The sound of the airplane motors loud in my ears ... the pilots within arms reach. The landing on that red dirt... Puerto Lempira.

Around 8:00 a.m., I imagined the welcoming committee waiting anxiously for Dr. Tom's arrival. As many kids as could fit in the Mule would be on the runway, waiting for the gringo. I can only imagine the hugs and welcome he received.

Around 9:00, I imagined him unpacking his bags and sharing the candy with the kids. I could just see Allison, the very special intern, with her face giggling at the musical Feliz Navidad card. I wrote her a book... so much to say to the only gringo living among those children right now. So many thanks to extend; so many words. She doesn't have the extra money to get online, so I cannot communicate with her via e-mail... until yesterday.

By the afternoon, I had a post on my facebook wall from Allison!! She had given our letters to her English class :) and they had written to our kids already! Ursula and Chelma (above) had both written to Little Mommy. I'm just giddy!!

My heart is there... my heart is here. It is weird. I want to be on that plane. I want to step on that runway and be filthy from the flying dirt. I want to be in that town with my kids and husband, carving out a life for ourselves. I want to worship with these kids who walk 40 minutes one way to church. I want to go to bed each night exhausted from pouring out all of me. I want to smell of mosquito spray and dirty kids... smells that still hang on my backpack. I want to be filled with God's love every morning and give it all away.

Puerto Lempira ... a place I would have never picked... a place that just feels like home.


Anonymous said…
I'm continually amazed by Our God. He has such an interesting way of changing hearts and weaving lives together.

Alex said…
It did bring it all back to the forefront! The man in green jeep brings it back! Hearing someone speak Spanish brings it back! Hearing kids being kids brings it back! I’m there now in my mind. Better get back to work. Love, your hubby.

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