Life-Transforming Books!

I've added a widget to the sidebar of this blog. It is linked to and has a few of the books that have moved us forward on this mission journey.

*If you click through the widget, for these books or any other items you want to buy through Amazon, there will be a commission paid to Reach Out Honduras, the name of God's ministry through the Waits family. Any funds that come via this commission will be used to directly benefit a neighborhood feeding program in Puerto Lempira.

Thank you for considering this option that costs you nothing additional... only a click through this link!


Laura -

I was just sitting here telling Whitney how I have been looking for books that I could read that others would recommend regarding the topics that have been weighing so heavily on my heart! Then...I saw that you posted an update! What an amazing gift that you guys are going to be able to get support through using this route! Thanks for sharing, and I will definetely be utilizing!!

Looking forward to tomorrow!!

The Old Geezer said…
interesting blog
God bless you

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