Gigglebox - Christmas Style

I love the true 'wonder' that exists in my little guys right now. The innocence and curiosity of 3-year olds is priceless. I'm happy to have caught the above 2 shots of them.

And then... Little Mommy + 2 little brothers + hair gel = CHRISTMAS MOHAWKS!

How about Santa? A dear man from church dressed up as Santa and came to the Christmas party. He spoke about Christ and the true meaning of Christmas. It was especially sweet because we've known this man for years and have seen his servant's heart time and again. Alex got a memorable photo of a True Texas Santa for our memory album.

And it was a very, Merry Christmas!


Ginn8888 said…
I don't think Santa should be partisan like that.
Isn't the true curiosity and spongelike minds of kids amazing!?! Thanks for sharing!

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